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This weather station is located in Menston, West Yorkshire, UK and has been broadcasting on the Internet since 13 June 2011. An OS WMR200 weather station was used from this start date until 8.30pm on 7th March 2014.

At this point the current Davis Vantage Pro2 was brought online.

A Solar Radiation sensor was added to the Davis VP2 set-up on 28th December 2014 at 1.30pm and began gathering sunshine and solar radiation data.

The web site is maintained on a voluntary basis and the site provides online weather data for the local area for purely informational purposes. It should not be relied upon for accurate weather forecasts.

The site's weather information is updated every 10 minutes, and is available 24/7.

(Note: the OS WMR200 station was offline between 4th November 2013 & 13th December 2013 for maintenance and the Davis Vantage Pro was offline between 24th January and 13th February 2016 for relocation so no data was captured during these times. Data between 9.00am on July 25th 2017 and 11.00pm on 27th July 2017 was also corrupted so historical data between these dates should be ignored).

The data provided on the site is collected and processed using the following equipment and software :

Equipment :

Broadcasting :

Weather station Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather software Cumulus v3.0.0 (3041)
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